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All Royal Officers.

Gundude5, Jul 15, 10 7:01 PM.
So as you may know we are merging with the Royal Guards. We now have Alex, Kaain, Morielin, and several others. I also want to let everyone know that Rholden has stolen from us and left. This was a week ago but WOW.. I mean we did a lot for him. He really has no decency. He was a noob anyway so I guess we will recover. 

In other news, the MC raid was an epic failure. It was Marar, Eagenolm, and a few others. As usual Marar bailed before everyone Lol, and Eag stayed until people started leaving. We need more people for these raids. So please try to recruit. Have a good day!


Morielin is back! And Training! :O

Gundude5, Jul 10, 10 11:31 PM.
YUP!!! You heard me right when I said that Morielin is back. Hopefully this might SPICE UP the rps. If you are in the guild you might have a little criticism against him, but don't worry. All is well.. In other news Marars training idea which are always turning out just to the point of success are in need of more people. The RP is on your calender, and if you are in the guild and haven't joined already, make sure you go and do just that! This has been the first news post for the site. Go pick up some Guard armor at the Guildbank if you haven't already!

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

Gundude5, Jul 8, 10 3:44 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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